Harry Dollard

Harry Dollard

This past weekend, artwork from one of our gorgeous little artists Harry was auctioned for a wonderful fundraiser, Cycle 4 Sam.   His print sold for $300 raising important funds for the Sam Roberts Family Fund.   On behalf of Jellybeanstreet, Harry and his parents, we would like to thank Jane Fong for her kindness and generosity in purchasing Harry’s print to contribute for this fundraiser and congratulations to the person who made the winning bid.

We first met Harry at a Jellybeanstreet workshop in early March.  This beautiful little boy has really touched our hearts.  To see this bright and happy 2 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy paint, play and have so much fun is what Jellybeanstreet is all about.  His artwork continues to be a hit since posting it online with 40% of profits donated to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation and 40% given back to Harry. 

Read more about Harry and see his beautiful and innocent artwork. [ Full Story ]

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