About Jellybeanstreet

Who we are

Jellybeanstreet is a South Australian and Canadian based Art Gallery that showcases modern artwork inspired by babies and young children's finger paintings all over the world. Jellybeanstreet are dedicated to helping seriously ill children by making beautiful abstract art from your children’s finger paintings and then showcasing them online for the world to buy.  Generous profits from all print are rewarded back to the little artists and also donated to charities for sick kids.

How we got here

The idea for Jellybeanstreet came to us after our 2 year old son would come home from day care with dozens of finger paintings every week. My wife and I both love hanging beautiful prints in our home and we wanted to hang a print from our son rather than purchase expensive art from someone else. We scanned the artwork, photo shopped out the wrinkles and removed the backgrounds. We found that after playing with each painting, we were able to bring out a beautiful modern design using our sons artwork. After hanging the finished print in our family home, family and friends would comment on the print and ask where they could buy one. That is how we decided to create Jellybeanstreet to publish children’s prints online and donate the profits back to the children and different children's charities.

Why Jellybeanstreet?

The name ‘Jellybeanstreet’ was inspired by the colourful streets of St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada. The children's bright colourful paintings remind us of this beautiful city, and the warmth and kindness of its people certainly match the purpose of our organization.

St. John's, Newfoundland Canada