Beautiful art for a good cause

Jellybeanstreet artworks are colourful, raw and emotive custom artwork pieces created from the scribbles and finger paintings of children of all ages. Our team of professional graphic artists transform their works into stunning prints in all the colours of the rainbow.

We are proud to donate net profits from resold pieces to children’s charities nominated by the artist and their parents. 

Jellybeanstreets support over 400 children's charities through the sale of finger paitings. See a list of charities we support.

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Featured art

JBS-77441 (Canvas)

Savannah Nayeli Diane Saadeh 3 Years Old

JBS-54385 (Canvas)

Jemima Betts 9 Years Old

JBS-55355 (Canvas)

Elsie Maddox 2 Years Old

JBS-64079 (Canvas)

Frankie Parsons 4 Years Old

JBS-66167 (Canvas)

Miya Poole 3 Years Old

JBS-66245 (Canvas)

Harry Armstrong 4 Years Old

JBS-66964 (Canvas)

Luke Chin 3 Years Old

JBS-68154 (Canvas)

Eva & Audrey Dal Santo 6 Years Old