How It Works


Parents, there is no need to go out and purchase expensive prints to decorate your home!  Make your childrens finger paintings look as though it was created by a famous artist to proudly hanging in your home. You will have the absolute pleasure in telling all your family and friends this amazing artwork came from your own child’s creativity.

It certainly will be a talking piece!


Book an Art Workshosp

Book your baby or toddler into a 1-hour kinder fine art workshop.  An explosion of colour and fun with structured art activities designed to bring out their best work.

The workshops are run in local community venues and can be booked online.  If you are unable to attend a workshop, take a picture of your child's artwork and submit online.


The Transformation

Two days after the workshop, you will receive an email with a link to pay a small graphic deposit. The deposit covers the cost to have your childs paintings transformed into 3 unique designs by our team of graphic artists. Please note the value of having the artwork photographed and then transformed into the designs is valued over $150. We offer a discount of 75% for this service making the cost $39 to have 3 different designs created.

Our creative team work to tailor make 3 designs customized to your choice of colors.  If you like, you can send us a picture of the rooms where you want to hang your prints and have it perfectly color matched to every room in your home. 

Please note we keep the original artwork for three months and customers are more than welcome to arrange time to collect artwork from their creative director. Please note our creative directors do not post the artwork out due to the amount of customers who come to the workshop and the costs associated with postage. Customers are welcome after confirming with creative director to come and collect workshop before or after a work shop. Artwork is discarded after three months if nil contact has been received by the customer.

All artwork remains the intellectual property of Jellybeanstreet.


Buying The Masterpiece

Once you are happy with your child's finalised masterpiece(s), they are posted on our jellybeanstreet website for purchase.

Most of our customers purchase the final artworks as a framed canvas with our most popular canvas size 28 by 42 inches. Please see a list of all our canvas price and sizing.



Children Helping Children

What happens next is what makes Jellybeanstreet truly unique, children helping children.

Once you have purchased your child’s completed design/s this design/s becomes a re sale which is added to the Jellybeanstreet online art gallery for others to view and purchase. We rely on the parents purchasing the design/s first to be able to do what we love doing and creating the designs as re sales for the public to purchase. (Please note a re sale is when the same design after purchased from the parent is purchased once again).  This could be your friends, grandma or grandpa or even an art enthusiast from anywhere around the world. Thousands of customers visit Jellybeanstreet looking to purchase unique and inpirational art.  Your child's designs could be one of them.  Please Note the parents purchase of the design/s is not considered a re sale as a re sale occurs only after the parent has purchased the design/s first.

Every time your child's print is sold, up to 60% of the net profits will be donated to a children's charity of your choice.  What a great way to teach your children about the importance of helping others and giving back to their community.  Your little one will feel so proud that their artwork may be able to help in some small but important way.

You may also nominate to split the net profits and have 20% of the net profits to be given back to your child to reward them for their artistic endeavours and 40% of net profits to charity. 

Please Note the parents purchases are not seen as resales' and we thank all parents who purchase as we would not be able to do what we do if it was not for the parents buying their childrens designs. 

A re sale occurs as the second sale of the same design once the parent has purchased the artwork.  Jellybeanstreet relies on the purchase from parents for us to give back nominated net profits to Charity. As long as the design has been purchased once then it automatically becomes a re sale. Please note a re sale is of the exact same design purchased twice.

Live Gallery Exhibitions

How cool would it be to see your child's artwork in a live art exhibition?  Jellybeanstreet take part in various public art exhibitions to showcase your child's artwork. You will be notified when this occurs so you and family can come along to a viewing. Some of our previous exhibition’s include an exhibition at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the art gallery at the City Of Burnside in South Australia.

If you would love your child to be a part of this fun new artwork movement, book them into a workshop today or simply upload a scanned copy of their finger paintings or mail it to us by post.  You and your family will be amazed with the result.


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