Welcome To Jellybeanstreet - Lauren Green

Welcome To Jellybeanstreet - Lauren Green

Unleashing Creativity on the Gold Coast: Lauren Green and Her Toddler Art Workshops

Greetings to the vibrant families of the Gold Coast!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Lauren Green to the Jellybeanstreet family, a dynamic new force in toddler creativity on the Gold Coast. As a seasoned expert in early childhood development and a devoted mother, Lauren is here to sprinkle a little extra color and joy into our lives.

Introducing Lauren Green:

Lauren steps into our community with a mission to harness the wild imaginations of toddlers through art. Her workshops are designed to be more than just play; they're an invitation to a world of sensory exploration and self-expression. Lauren’s background in early childhood education shines through as she guides little ones on their artistic journey, encouraging every stamp, smear, and splash.

A Phenomenal Start:

The enthusiasm for Lauren's workshops has been overwhelming, with slots disappearing as quickly as they appear. But don't worry if you missed out on the initial rush! Lauren has graciously added an extra workshop on Thursday, April 11th at 10 AM. These workshops are a golden opportunity for your toddler to dive into the world of messy play under expert guidance.

Messy Play, Beautiful Art:

At Jellybeanstreet, we believe in the magic of converting messy play into exquisite art. Each workshop offers the chance for your toddler's creative experiments to be transformed into stunning pieces of fine art by our team of graphic designers. Imagine the joy of displaying your child’s unique masterpiece in your home, a vibrant reminder of their creative spirit.

Why Choose Our Workshops:

Lauren’s addition to our Gold Coast team is about more than just adding another location to our map; it’s about bringing families together in the pursuit of creativity. Her workshops are tailored specifically for toddlers, focusing on sensory play and artistic discovery. It’s a chance not only to create but to bond, learn, and grow together.

Join Us on the Gold Coast:

If you're looking for an engaging, creative, and joyful activity for your toddler, look no further. Lauren Green’s workshops on the Gold Coast are the perfect opportunity to unleash your child's creativity in a supportive, enriching environment. And, you’ll walk away with more than just memories; you’ll have a tangible piece of art to cherish for years to come.

A Beautiful Journey Awaits:

Lauren’s workshops are not just about play; they’re about creating lasting memories and beautiful art. We invite Gold Coast parents and their toddlers to join us in this unique adventure, where every splash of paint is a step towards creating something truly special.

Excited to explore the world of toddler art on the Gold Coast? Visit to book your spot in one of Lauren Green’s upcoming workshops. Let’s make some beautiful messes and even more beautiful memories together!

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