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Unique artwork that makes a statement.  The Jellybeanstreet Art Gallery showcases a collection of one-of-a-kind canvas prints, inspired by finger paintings made in our creative workshops. Our pieces are defined by vibrant colours, bold strokes, and imagination in bucketloads, all printed on premium canvas materials. 

Up to 60% of net profits from each re-sale is donated to the children’s charity nominated by the artist and their parents. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit our Pricing and Donations Guide. 

byOtto Levee
supporting Alana and Madeleine Foundation
byArcher Gray
supporting Miracle Babies
byZara Elyoussef
supporting Flinders Medical Centre
byJaxon Coulls
supporting Australian Red Cross
byJaxon Coulls
supporting Australian Red Cross
byMaisie Munn
supporting Cancer Council Australia
byMaisie Munn
supporting Cancer Council Australia
bySunny Mathews
supporting CPEC - Cerebal Palsy Education Centre (VIC)
byLuke Mobilio
supporting Australian Leukodystrophy
byIbrahim Mehio
supporting Human Appeal
byBear Pollock
supporting Royal Flying Doctors Vic
byKaleb Binding
supporting dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™
byJonty Binding
supporting Autism Awareness
byMacey Westmore
supporting Dolly's Dream
byLionel Somers
supporting RSPCA
byLayla Kirby
supporting Sids and Kids NT
byBillie Doyle
supporting Mildura Base Hospital Special Care Nursery
byHazel Copeland
supporting Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
byDarby Mills
supporting C.H.A.L.L.I.S
byTia Myer
supporting Sydney Children's Hospital
byDolev Zweig
supporting Save the Children
byHarvey Dallenogare
supporting Childhood Cancer Association
byAmelie Klein
supporting Childhood Cancer
byMatilda Bates
supporting Heartfelt