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Welcome to the Jellybeanstreet Art Gallery. A collection of unique artwork created from children's finger paintings. Purchase any piece of artwork and up to 60% of net profits will be donated to charities for sick children.

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JBS-77519 (Canvas)

Risbey Shugg 1 Year Old

JBS-77507 (Canvas)

Amelia Arnott 3 Years Old

JBS-77493 (Canvas)

Louis Prior 5 Years Old

JBS-77459 (Canvas)

Poppy Longman 2 Years Old

JBS-77441 (Canvas)

Savannah Nayeli Diane Saadeh 3 Years Old

JBS-77354 (Canvas)

Louis Prior 5 Years Old

JBS-77352 (Canvas)

Louis Prior 5 Years Old