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Unique artwork that makes a statement.  The Jellybeanstreet Art Gallery showcases a collection of one-of-a-kind canvas prints, inspired by finger paintings made in our creative workshops. Our pieces are defined by vibrant colours, bold strokes, and imagination in bucketloads, all printed on premium canvas materials. 

Up to 60% of net profits from each re-sale is donated to the children’s charity nominated by the artist and their parents. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit our Pricing and Donations Guide. 

JBS-78317 (Canvas)

Cleo Eyles, Scarlett Eyles, Charlie Luton ( cousins) 6,4,3,

JBS-78778 (Canvas)

Thomas Noonan 3

JBS-78871 (Canvas)

Joss Ruettinger 3

JBS-78878 (Canvas)

Joss Ruettinger 3

JBS-78922 (Canvas)

Samantha Sbroja 11