Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jellybeanstreet deliver to other countries besides Australia?

Yes, we deliver to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and USA.  Additional charges may apply to some countires.


How does Jellybeanstreet create the artwork?

Afer Jellybeanstreet receive your child's artwork, we capture your child's artwork with a specialty camera lens to get a sharp high resolution image. Our graphic artist will clean up the back ground by first removing all imperfections, spots, stains and wrinkles on the paper. We use various techniques to bring out the natural colours in your child’s artwork to create a beautiful masterpiece. Once the artwork is complete, you will be provided with a minimum of 3 designs to select from.


How long does delivery take?

All prints generally take 3-4 weeks to anywhere in the world. Posters, iPhone cases and framed prints take 5-10 business days within Australia and 2-3 weeks to all other countries.


How do I make money from my child's artwork?

After you receive and purchase your child's artwork, we proudly present your child's artwork on all our online products for the world to see and buy. Every time somebody purchases your child's artwork of the same design/s the parent has purchased, 40% of the net profits are made to your nominated charity.  You can select to share your child's profits of 20% to your nominated charity or we can have the profits refunded back to your accont.

Please Note artwork designs must be purchased by the parents first for the product to become a re sale. A re sale is of the same design or designs purchased by the parent. 

Parent's purchases are not a re sale.


How will Jellybeanstreet help promote my child's art work?

You child's artwork will be displayed on Jellybeanstreet and as a recently added product and periodically displayed as a feature product. At times we select products to be displayed on our Facebook page.


Can I donate sales to a charity of my choice?

Jellybeanstreet donate to children's charities nominated by the parents. If you favourite children's charity is not listed, we will be happy to donate profits from your child's artwork to a charity of your choice.


Does it matter if my child's artwork is laminated?

No, you can send your child's artwork laminated in the mail. Jellybeanstreet will capture a high resolution image of your child's artwork and remove all shine from the laminate.


Will I get my child's original artwork back?

When attending a workshop you can request to pick up your original artwork at a later date from your creative director at one of her next workshops.

All artwork which is sent via mail from customers who are submitting artwork will be returned back with your purchase.

Please Note we only keep original artwork for 3 months. If wanting to arrange pick up of artwork in this time frame please send us an email and we will bring the artwork to our workshop for you to come and pick up.


Do you offer other phone and tablet cases besides apple?

At present we are no longer offering phone, tablet cases or block mounts.


Do you accept orders over the phone?

If you do not wish to pay online, we are happy to take your orders over the phone. Please call us in Australia at 08 8556 6058 or in Canada at 905-235-1167 or internationally at +1 618 8556 6058.


What If I do not like any of the designs?

If you do not like any of the designs, we are happy to create another designs for you. Please note we can only work with the artwork provided from your  child.


What is the frame thickness for canvas prints?

Canvas prints are stretched onto the frame with a thickness of 3cm.


What type of material are the canvas prints printed on?

The canvas is a high quality matte cotton canvas material of 360 GSM.


What type of wrap is available for the canvas prints?

Gallery Wrap - You child’s image will be wrapped around the edges of the canvas frame.  This is the recommended approach for most canvas prints.

When purchasing unframed/rolled canvas the design will be prepared at 3.5cm gallery wrap which you can inform your framer.


What kind of printers and inks are used for the canvas prints?

All prints are printed with genuine Epson inks and high quality Epson printers.


Do we offer Digital Files?

Jellybeanstreet does not offer digital files given our re sale component of our business as this is how we try to raise money for charity.