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Women's & Children's Hospital Art Exhibition

13 Dec 2013

Exhibition: The Street of Colour

Date: Feb 25th - Apr 30th, 2014

Place: Level 2 at the Women's & Children's Hospital, Adelaide South Australia

Gallery: Gallery B

For over 2 months the Art Galleries at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital will be filled with the brilliant colours and magic of our paintings.

From December 13th to February 28th, Jellybeanstreet will take over the hallways of Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital in an exhibition that will give you the opportunity to appreciate a prime selection from our Jellybeanstreet Collection.

Jellybeanstreet transforms kids’ finger paintings into big and bright pieces of modern art, sells them around the world and donates up to 80% of the money raised to children’s charities in Australia such as Starlight Foundation, Heart Kids and Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The Street of Colour will take you on a journey that starts with the heart-stopping piece Glow in the Dark by 3 year old Mia Spehr. Then, you will be captivated by Sunset from 7 year old Lila, a painting that could certainly belong in an Impressionism exhibition. As you keep walking, The Dot Painting by Axel Parsocs (Age 7) will give you an idea of how a garden grows in space.

That will lead you to Sienna’s Dotts by Sienna Vacca (Age 7), which is a translation of what we used to see when we closed our eyes at a young age, followed by a painting by Emilia Owens (Age 2) who doesn’t hold back with a cascade of colour in Rainbow Garden.

You won’t be able to ignore the magic of The Wizard by the charismatic Evan Bogias (Age 2) and you will see how being in love looks like when you are in front of 6 year old Mia Dupond’s Makkovic. Continue the journey with Joy by the hand of 2 year old Lu Wen Jun and you will arrive to Wonderland, by 16 months old Angelique Whittaker , the place we all want to get to at the end of a wonderful trip.

The Street of Colour exhibit is free and will be open 7 days from 9am to 5pm at Gallery A located on the Ground Level of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital on 72 King William Rd, North Adelaide from December 13th to January 31st  and Gallery B until February 28th.

For general enquiries or more information about Jellybeanstreet and our workshops please visit or email us

Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation


There are few families in South Australia whose lives have not been touched by the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. As its official foundation, we rely on generous corporate and community support to provide the very best care for the babies, children and women at the WCH.

Our focus is on supporting excellence in each key hospital area - whether through funding ground-breaking research leading to childhood disease cures, or by engaging the brightest medical science minds to constantly improve treatments. We purchase state-of-the-art equipment that provides faster, more thorough diagnoses for our sick children. We are also committed to providing the very best facilities for WCH patients and their families.

As the only charity that fundraises exclusively for the entire hospital, the WCH Foundation is in a unique position to make a real difference to the lives of sick and injured children in South Australia. We have gifted more than $28 million to the hospital in the last eight years.

Your support will ensure that we can keep funding the vital services, equipment and research that transform the lives of South Australian women, babies and children, every day.

The Exhibition:

Glow In The Dark by Mia Age 6

Sunset by Lila Age 7

The Dot Painting by Axel Age 7

Siena's Dots by Sienna Age 7

Rainbow Garden by Emilia Age 7

Wizard by Evan Age 2

Makkovik by Mia Age 6

Joy by LU Wen Jun Age 2

Wonderland by Angelique Age 2



Pricing: 80% Profits donated to the Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation

Purchase any print on exhibit at the Woment's & Children's Hospital and Jellybeanstreet will donate 80% of the profits to the Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation.

E-Mail: | Call: m 0421-959-561 b 8556-6058

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